IoT Week 2014: ISMB involved more than ever!

Three of the most important projects of the ISMB Pervasive Technologies (PerT) Research Area will be represented from 16 to 20 June 2014 in London, for the fourth edition of the IoT Week, an entire week dedicated to events, demos and workshops focused on the theme of the Internet of Things. This year, particular attention will be given to the emerging opportunities, to the creation of connections between businesses and researches, and finally to the promotion of international collaboration through social and market issues. In addition, the 2014 event includes sessions dedicated to a Hackathon and to the IoT Forum Awards.
Many ISMB’ colleagues are involved in this initiative, through their participation in various activities.

Maurizio Spirito, Riccardo Tomasi and Giampiero Bono will present the ALMANAC project and some of its early results, through a demo on the theme of waste and water management. In addition, on June 18 Almanac will be involved in the workshop "IoT Technologies for Smart Cities: Enabling business and professional services", where the focus will be on technologies and practical issues related to the installation of IoT applications in smart cities.

As part of the activities organized by the IERC Activity Chain 3 and coordinated by Maurizio Spirito (along with Raffaele Giaffreda and Vera Stavroulaki), during the whole June 19, will be organized the workshop "IoT Innovation: from application scenarios to pilots and deployments". The workshop will be focused on the results of projects that can be considered mature, in order to assess their impacts and innovations and therefore encourage commercial and industrial opportunities. Furthermore, during the session "IoT Promoting innovation through collaborative research in Europe" will be also underlined the value introduced by international research collaborations related to the IoT.

Also the European project ebbits, represented in London by Claudio Pastrone and Maria Teresa Delgado, will be involved in the AC3 workshop. The project, closed to its conclusion and after almost 4 years of activities, will trace some conclusions about the results obtained, the pilot performed, pursued innovations and involvement of end users.

Finally, Francesco Sottile will represent, during the whole week, the European project BUTLER. BUTLER will actively participate in the Hackathon phase, providing to developers some of its assets (BUTLER Gateway, ZigPos devices with anchor nodes, ISMB's localization server, smart mobile framework). BUTLER will also be involved in two workshops: Tuesday, June 17, in a session organized by the IERC AC1 cluster, on the theme of open objects platform, where will be presented main results of the IoT BUTLER Open Platform. Wednesday, June 18, in a session on the experiences in the IoT from the point of view of the user (“IoT user's experiences: engagement, expectations and concerns") will be presented the BUTLER’ field testing and user feedback.