M2M Forum: the PerT Will Focus on Energy @ home and GreenCom Projects

The Pervasive Technologies Research Area (PerT) will participate in the M2M Forum, one of the most important European exhibitions and conferences on the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and the Internet of Things (IoT) field. The event will be held in Milan on Wednesday, the 20th of May. The PerT Research Area will represent the ISMB, presenting two of the most relevant solutions developed in the IoT field.

An exhibition booth will be devoted to the system realized within the Energy@home initiative, a not-for-profit association that aims at developing and promoting technologies and services for energy efficiency in the home based on device-to-device communication. It will possible to see the smart home system that shows the interoperability of the ecosystem: more then 10 devices from different vendors integrated into a single home area network and into an harmonized user application. In particular the demo features JEMMA, the open-source reference implementation of the Energy@home specifications, and includes different devices and systems, like smart meter interfaces and home gateway to the power grid, smart appliances, and a smart home gateway & cloud services.

A workshop to get an insight about how smart homes can take advantage of recent developments in the smart grid will take place in the Alfa Omega Room (9.15 am – 11.30 am). The title of the workshop is “Valuing the demand side flexibility through a Smart Home communication infrastructure”. During the workshop, Riccardo Tomasi (researcher at the PerT Research Area and chairman of the “Demo & Reference Implementation” group) will speak about “Open eco-systems for Smart M2M applications at Home: experiences and future developments of the JEMMA project”.

Moreover, in an another exhibition booth the PerT Research Area will present the first results obtained by GreenCom, an European project coordinated by Maurizio Spirito (ISMB) ISMB that aims to better manage (at microgrid level) the consumption, the production and the distribution of electricity, balancing the energy supplied by the network and the energy generated from renewable sources. The project intends to concretely demonstrate the research results in Denmark, on the Island of Fur: a living lab where the most interesting and prominent ICT innovations are tested daily. A micro-grid prototype based on a cluster of Raspberry PI systems, which is used to validate the monitoring and controlling solutions before the installation in the island, will be presented in the exhibition space.