The ASSIST Project Kicks Off Today in Turin

Today, May 15th 2014, the Advanced Snow plough and Salt spreader based on Innovative Space Technologies (ASSIST) project kicks off in Turin. ISMB is the prime contractor of the project and is involved with the Mobile Solutions and Navigation Technologies Research Areas.

The project aims to deliver a comprehensive feasibility study on the technical and economic sustainability of a winter road maintenance system based on space technologies. ASSIST is funded by the European Space Agency under the ARTES 20 Feasibility Study “Space based services for winter road maintenance” and it will last twelve months.

It proposes a concept developed along with the improvement and integration of two main assets: satellite navigation (and related augmentation systems) and earth observations to get additional digital information about roads and weather forecasts. ASSIST leverages the existing OBU developed by the previous GOLDEN-ICE project, funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Program. It has to be remarked that ASSIST starts from a high technologies readiness level since several proposed building blocks are the results of previous projects, or products, already available on the market. This will result in a solid concept ready for an evaluation and a potential market deployment.

Indeed, the ASSIST consortium gathers partners with complementary skills and background as well as integrated expertise areas, able to represent the whole value chain of a service supporting winter road maintenance: Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, Giletta as a bucher company, Geoville Group, and Alpha Consult.