Final review of the LOGAM project

On Monday, the 12th of May Emanuela Falletti and Gianluca Falco, two researchers of the Navigation Technologies Reasearch Area, will participate in the final review meeting of the Low Cost GNSS Attitude and Navigation System with Inertial MEMS Aiding (LOGAM) project at the European GNSS Agency (GSA) premises in Prague.

The two-years LOGAM project was funded by the GSA within the FP7 Programme and was kicked off on January 2012. It involved several partners from European countries like ACORDE Technologies (Spain), Technological Center of Components Foundation (Spain), Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (Italy), Aermatica (Italy) and Commissariat a l'energie Atomique et aux energies alternatives (France). The main objective of the LOGAM project was the design and development of an ultra low-cost attitude determination and navigation system based primarily on not dedicated mass market GNSS receivers and antennas, and aided by MEMS inertial sensors. At the end of the project the consortium has produced a functional prototype (see the picture below) capable of demonstrating the targeted system characteristics. The Navigation Technologies Reasearch Area of ISMB has been the main responsible for the development of the GNSS+INS hybridization algorithm aimed at both attitude and positioning determination.

For further information about the LOGAM project, please visit the official website.