The SMILE-O project has recently finished let's analyze the results

The SMILE-O – "Smart Metering for Local Energy Optimization" – has recently finished. The result of this two-year initiative is a Pervasive System which aims at maximizing the exploitation of locally-produced renewable energy sources to satisfy the needs of a highly energy-intensive industrial site. The validation of the SMILE-O solution has been made through a deployment geographically distributed between Sardinia and Piedmont, combining heterogeneous data such as information about energy production from a wind turbine, power consumption of a dairy company measured by a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), environmental data and forecast data. SMILE-O includes a Decision Support System (DSS) based on predictive models, which can be accessed by the final user in order to plan increasing or reduction of consumption basing on energy production availability.

The integration of the various heterogeneous and geographically-distributed components of SMILE-O has been enabled by VIRTUS, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) middleware designed and developed by ISMB. VIRTUS has enabled easy integration of various and heterogeneous sources of information, providing a reliable and secure communication channel based on the XMPP standard communication protocol. Compared to other similar service-oriented solutions, VIRTUS architecture is fully event-driven and takes advantage of the features offered by open standards to provide modular, lightweight, safe and highly scalable IoT applications. VIRTUS middleware has been successfully leveraged by ISMB for prototypes in many different fields including e.g. e-health, industrial traceability, logistics, home automation.