Annual review of the ebbits projec

Brussels, 14-15 November 2013 – the last week occurred the third annual review of the ebbits project that, at one year from the conclusion, has demonstrated its significant and tangible results. The European project ebbits aims to develop architectures, technologies and processes enabling organizations to integrate the so-called "Internet of Things" to their existing ERP systems. In ebbits the "objects" are systems and entities from various composition and complexity: by RFID systems for the identification of the goods to robots for the cars manufacturing, among devices and sensors for measuring environmental variables or energy consumption. All elements capable of interacting with the surrounding environment, generating, collecting and propagating information while performing operations which, appropriately managed by the platform developed by ebbits, allows to make more efficient and flexible the production or the management processes.

Very positive and interactive the review meeting of the project, focused on the theme of food traceability. By means of an interactive demo, has been simulated the life cycle of a product sample (a beef steak), starting from the identification of the individual cow, through the monitoring of the cold chain during the transport phases, up to the final identification of the product on the supermarket, by means of a mobile application used by the consumer.


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