Multi-scale library for high-fidelity EM modelling

Develop a novel computational approach for the electromagnetic analysis of large multi-scale problems as arising in space application, in order to reach the capability to address an EM problem spanning a ratio 10^3 to 10^5 in scale.

The main addressed issues are:

  • modeling of the complete antenna in all details to accurately quantify both radiated EM fields and input characteristics;
  • modeling of antenna farms with several antennas, possibly working at very different frequencies to predict EM (near/far) fields;
  • modeling of antennas together with the complete satellite to obtain realistic estimates of the antenna performances, RFC, and EMC risks.

The LACE will use a the multi-scale approach to resolve the different scales present in the EM problem applying the most efficient field representation for each scale range and removing the redundant degrees of freedom in particular on large smooth portions.

Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics