ISMB and Econocom together for the inauguration of EIC - Econocom Innovation Center

ISMB and Econocom in October of 2012 have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of ideas, strategies and smart solutions related to the field of intelligent objects and the Internet of things. Purpose of the agreement signed with Econocom, is the sharing of a model of research and development able to combine the innovative needs of the enterprise the know-how and the proposition design available at the ISMB.

Now Econocom has set up a new strategic plan to drive its growth and market positioning over the upcoming five years. Its ambition is to become the European pionner in integrating and financing digital solutions for corporate businesses. This ambition requires investments and a structured approach to promote innovation. The present agreement between ISMB and Econocom, named EIC – Econocom Innovation Center, serves this strategic objective of Econocom business plan.

The EIC complements and enlarges the Econocom Digital Center approach that has been conceived as a demonstration center dedicated to customers, prospects and partners. It also complements the Financial Innovation Laboratories that Econocom has put in place internally to build new business models (pay-per-use models, as-a service models, new asset management capabilities, new refinancing agreements, insurance and contractual specificities). The three bodies are supposed to work jointly in order to support Econocom strategic vision and objectives.

The main objectives are:

  • Analyse and contribute to the Smart European Ecosystem EIC will analyse the EU Horizon 2020 emerging trends and opportunities as well as call for proposals of regional and national governments in order to generate leading edge projects together with its partners.
  • Scouting and benchmark: smart ready catalogue: EIC has to analyse and benchmark the smart market complementing the smart ready catalogue, promoting proactively its implementation in new geographies and fostering the know-how transfer to Econocom local teams.
  • Support Econocom in listening to its customers aiming to propose them integrated digital and financial solutions answering their requirements.
  • Leverage the overall Smart Innovation Approach Integrate and stimulate the present business lines with new solutions based on smart objects.

The EIC can be seen as an integrated team of ISMB researchers and Econocom experts that are working on short-term and mid-term initiatives. The ISMB researchers are assuring the liaison towards the other 130 ISMB researchers on the basis of the needed competences.

25/10/2013 was held the kickoff meeting of the EIC, look at the photo album.