MLW presents an important paper all'IEEE COMCAS

Massimo Reineri, a post-doc researcher of the MLW lab, will present the paper entitled "Comparative Characterization of Four Antennas for VANETs by On Field Measurements" at the IEEE COMCAS Conference, in Tel Aviv (Israel), on Tuesday October 22nd.

The paper aims at digging into the problem of antenna placement for VANETs by a field-test comparative analysis of four candidate antennas, differing in their design and, particularly, in their positions. In fact, despite this, only few studies have investigated the issues of antenna placement, even if it is far from being negligible: depending on the antenna position, a stronger or a weaker signal may be received and the overall effectiveness of safety messages carried by VANETs may get affected. This work has been done in cooperation with Calearo Antenne S.p.A. located in Isola Vicentina (Italy).