Official DIMMER - District Information Modeling and Management for Energy Reduction project kickoff

October 17th, 2013 will take place the official DIMMER project kickoff.
Dimmer (District Information Modeling and Management for Energy Reduction) is a Small or medium scale focused research project (STREP), addressing the objective “Optimizing Energy Systems in Smart Cities”. In particular the project, which ideally represents the prosecution of the project SEEMPubS (Smart Energy Efficient Middleware for Public Spaces), focuses on the integration of BIM and DIM (Building/District Information Modelling) with real-time data from sensors and user feedback. The objective is to create correlations between consumed energy and actual buildings utilization, also providing real-time feedback to operators and end users. DIMMER will provide energy-related information to client applications for energy and cost-analysis, tariff planning and evaluation, failure identification, maintenance and energy information sharing, expecting a consistent reduction in both energy consume and CO2 emissions.

In order to validate the DIMMER innovative system, both public and private buildings in an urban district will be considered. The DIMMER consortium, guided by the Politecnico di Torino, includes also the University of Manchester (UK), includes 6 industrial companies: three big player, IREN Energia S.p.A. (IT), D’Appolonia (IT) and ARUP (UK), plus three SMEs, Click and Link (UK), CNet (SW) and ST Polito Scarl (IT). Finally there are research institutions: Fraunhofer institute of Technology (GE), CSI (IT) and ISMB (IT).