The Project GreenCom prepares to complete the first year of work

Form the 1th to the 4th October 2013, the GreenCom’ consortium partners meet in Cork (Ireland), within the headquarter of the Tyndall National Institute partner. The objective is to consolidate the results obtained by the first 11 months of work and to plan the last actions for the conclusion the first year of work.

GreenCom is a three-year European Project coordinated by Maurizio Spirito (ISMB): the project aims to better manage, at the microgrid level, the consumption, production and distribution of electricity, balancing the energy supplied by the network and the energy generated from renewable sources. The project aims to concretely demonstrate the research results in Denmark, on the Island of Fur: a Living Lab in which daily are tested the most interesting and prominent ICT innovations.

Started in November 2012, GreenCom includes among its participants ISMB (mainly the PerT Area) plus other 2 internationally well-known research centres (Fraunhofer FIT, Germany and Tyndall National Institute, Ireland), 3 small-medium enterprises (In-Jet and ACTUA from Denmark, Sensing & Control from Spain) and a provider of electricity (EnergiMidt, Denmark).