ISMB @ 6th European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming

From 10th to 12th September was held in Leuven in Belgium the EC-PLF 2013 (European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming 2013).

Farming is fundamentally changing in the 21st century and new approaches and concepts are inevitable to improve the efficiency of production with respect for the animal’s well-being and in consideration of the environmental load.

Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) could assist livestock producers through automated, continuous monitoring of the animals. The observation data can be translated into key indicators on animal welfare, animal health, productivity and environmental impact.

Dr. Andrea Scalera of the PerT area, presented an article written within the European project PigWise titled "From animal monitoring to early warning systems through the Internet of Things", which describes the system of management of information concerning the state health of pigs on farms and using the potential of the IoT in a new sector for ISMB, ICT-Agri.