ISMB joined the Energy@home Association

Energy@home is a not-for-profit association which, fostering the benefit of the environment, aims at the development and promotion of technologies and services increasing the energy efficiency in the home, leveraging on device to device communication. Those communications are considered not yet enough exploited in our houses, even if a lot of enabling technology exists.

Standing to the association vision, in the next future, devices should be turned into “smart” products, interacting each other and coordinating themselves in order to optimize energy consumption, increase energy efficiency, and create new services. Devices will be aware of their usage, to react to utilities signal and able to be monitored by end users anywhere-anytime.

The association aims to support the definition of technologies enabling new tools and services, in order to help users to deal with energy micro-generation and consumption, to increase awareness, to empower and to educate consumers to a virtuous use of home appliances towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Energy@home involves stakeholders from every type of industries, at national and international level (including energy, telecommunication, ICT, white goods, home appliances and more), driven by an open, genuine and profitable collaboration.

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