Regional Project – ICT Hub

This project aims to define a multi-radio communication platform able to manage different kinds of wireless communication technologies adopting a cognitive and opportunistic approach for monitoring and controlling complex systems in industrial and aerospace environments.

Monitoring and control systems are strategic elements for the true optimisation of processes in terms of production efficiency, reliability and sustainable energy. Nowadays, the majority of such systems are equipped with sensors and actuators based on wired solutions that imply enormous limitations on the possibility to reconfigure the production line. Wireless technology, able to deliver flexibility to monitoring and control systems, is a valid alternative to wired systems.

The proposed communication platform consists of multi-radio nodes that cooperate between each other in order to define a smart network able to promote the opportunistic use of wireless technologies with complementary characteristics in terms of data rate, latency, resilience, energy consumption and the ability to organise into independent networks. The final aim is to:

  • meet the various requirements posed by different sensors and actuators
  • identify networks that are more flexible, reliable, resilient and able to adapt to application requirements as they change over time
  • support the energy efficiency of processes and of the monitoring/control system itself.

A prototype made up of multi-radio nodes equipped with special sensors and actuators chosen by the project end users will be developed. Firstly, the multi-radio platform will be tested in a controlled environment and then in situ.

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