The aim of this project is to create a railway monitoring system made up of a network of wireless sensors (WSN – the Wireless Sensor Network) distribuited along the lenght of a train. The data detected by the sensor will be managed in an integrated way in order to diagnose conditions of mechanial stress, potential breakages and identify the correct timing for maintenance work in advance.

In the railway industry, rolling stock is constructed around bearings that take most of the mechanical train. By measuring the working temperature of the bearings, as well as analysing the vibrations, one can anticipate potential breakage conditions in advance. In the past, the opportunity of monitoring this size object has come across the problems and the complexity inherent in installing and maintaning cables. Railwaves eliminates the cables, transferring all the intelligence necessary to acquire, process and transfer the data near to sensors, implementing distributed architecture.

The project calls for the installation of a prototype on a train (or a similar system) to test it under normal working conditions.

Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics