Top downloaded paper

Hussain Khaleel, Penna Federico, Claudio Pastrone, Riccardo Tomasi and Maurizio Spirito has recently received an official congratulation letter on behalf of the IEEE Sensors Council for their paper “Frequency Agile Wireless Sensor Networks: Design and Implementation”, IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 12, No. 5, May 2012, which once again is positioned within the top 20 most downloaded Sensors Journal papers.
It is exciting to note that all Sensors Journal papers published since its foundation, about 1000 papers in total, are included in this count.

This successful paper presents an integration of dynamic channel allocation capabilities in wireless sensor networks which are based on IPv6 protocol. It proposes and analyzes a frequency-agile wireless sensor networks, considering all the spectrum sensing, channel selection, network architecture, IPv6 stack extensions and system operation capabilities. It also presents a complete prototype implementation, also illustrating its feasibility and effectiveness. The results show that dynamic frequency allocation provides significant performance and reliability improvement in wireless sensor networks, especially while operating in highly interfered environments.