The project will deal with the issues of ultra-precise localization through the synergy of all those technologies representing the state of art in the localization field. The purpose is to realize a device able to accurately calculate one’s own position, that could be used to control the vehicles used to carry goods of maximum value and, generally, that could be used for the automation of processes in which the ultra-precise identification of the position in basic.

The solution to the problem of ultra-precise localization consists in meeting three important requirements: reliability, service guarantee and precision. The device that the project intends to realize meet such requirements, sinergically using two different technologies: the satellite localization and the RTLS (Real-time Locating System) Localization by UWB (Ultra Wide Band) based sensors. SRT LOCUPS will realize a system able to use both the technologies and to communicate in real time to a control system the data concerning the position, using appropriate communication channels.

The project will not only deal with the analyses of the requirements and the study of the most appropriate positioning algorithms, but mainly with the realization of the satellite localization receiver prototypes and the localization sensors. Following the paradigm and the concepts provided by the Internet of Things, the two localization systems will cooperate and the transition from one to other will be made in a controlled and managed way, but especially in a completely automatic and clear way for the final user.

Navigation Technologies