ISMB and Mov'eo companies discuss in Paris the future of car sharing

In a dense day in Paris, a delegation of ISMB consisting of Edoardo Calia (Deputy Director for Strategic Programs), Francesco Ferrero (Head of the Smart City Strategic Programn) and Olivier Terzo (Head of the Unit IS4AC - Infrastructures and Systems for Advanced Computing) met the French companies of the Mov'eo pole to discuss the prospects of car sharing based on electric vehicles. It was the first operational implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two institutions as of last December.

The day began with a discussion on the state of car sharing in the two countries (Italy and France). ISMB, who was also speaking on behalf of Iniziativa Car Sharing,the Italian consortium of car sharing, presented the state of the art in Italy and the outlook for the future. The companies ADM Concept and VU Log presented the state of the art of the service in France. The latter is very advanced thanks to the adoption of car sharing solutions based on electric vehicles, and of extremely flexible service models (libre service), that do not require advanced booking of the vehicle, nor dedicated parking spaces, and let users leave the vehicle at any point in the city without having to return to the point of origin.

The works continued with a field-test of car sharing services currently operating in the City of Paris (Autolib', based on a vehicle manufactured by the Bolloré-Pininfarina group), and in the nearby town of Rueil-Malmaison (moebius,with the Peugeot iOn). It was a great feeling to drive these low-noise and zero-emissions vehicles along the Champs-Elysees, in the midst of Parisian traffic!

Finally, the delegation visited the headquarters of ADM Concept, a highly innovative French company that provides integration in different vehicle models of all the technologies necessary to include them in the car sharing circuit.

In the coming days a cooperation agreement will be formalized to undertake research and development at the ISMB premises, and help with another grain of sand to make Torino a “Smart City”, able to compete with the great European capitals.