RADIODRY - Radio Frequency Paper Dryer

The RADIODRY project (POR-FESR 2007/2013 - ASSE I) aims to develop a RF system to dry printed paper; such system is meant to be applied on existing offset printing lines and / or to new ones. To date, quality offset printing requires a gas oven which dries both the paper and inks while the paper is moving through the printing lines. Obtaining satisfactory results implies high dimension and power of the ovens with installation costs of about 500.000 Euro per unit, high operating costs and high environmental impact. The RADIODRY RF system will provide better drying results through a targeted transfer of the energy required by the drying process. Besides, RADIODRY will allow the usage of environmentally friendly water-based inks and lower operating costs: in the same working condition, it has been estimated a reduction in energy costs from the current 800kWh to 80kWh.

The Antenna and EMC Lab will design and model the radiofrequency device by using numerical tools developed ad hoc.

Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics