The project, financed by the Poli di Innovazione - Meccatronica (MESAP) of Regione Piemonte, aims at studying laser systems for laser-cut based on the fibre-laser approach, working at eye-safe wavelength regimes and with improved efficiency. The project has a wide partnership, including research centers, universities and laser-cutting machines producers. During the course of the project, ISMB will take care of the production of the special optical fibers needed for such lasers, employing its fiber drawing tower starting from the glass performs produced by Politecnico di Torino. Then, the fibers will be chacaterized from morphological and optical points of view within the PhotonLab facility. Target of ISMB is to produce double-cladding fiber prototypes with an attenuation lower that 2dB/m, to be transferred to the project partners for the prototyping of a full fibre-laser system.

Applied Photonics