The project, financed by the italian Ministry of Defens, foreste the adoption of low-cost transimssion systems based on Polymer Optical Fibres (POF) to be used in critical environments, in which polymer fibers have a competitive advantage with respect to copper (for example where electromagnetic interference of explosive potential might exist) or glass fibers (for example in presence of high humidity or salty water). In this case, the prototypes realized in OCTOPUS will be installed in ships of the Italian Navy.

During the project, we will realize Ethernet media-converters from UTP to POF, able to work at 10Mb/s and 100Mb/s and to transmit over distances in the order of 250m (100Mb/s) up to 400m (10Mb/s), where standard commercial systems are able to overcome unrepeatered distances of only 70m. The prototypes will be based on FPGA platform and off-the-shelf components (COTS).

Applied Photonics