Regional Project – ICT Hub

The project deals with innovative themes such as management and optimization of WSN networks and techniques of workflow and data analysis, in particular for processes of environmental monitoring and balances of environmental sustainability.

The project will develop a sensorial/informative system with distributed intelligence, based on a cooperative network of fixed and mobile components (possible to install even on board of public means of transportation), for measurements on the field aimed at the online acquisition of critical parameters for the Environmental Monitoring.

The informative heritage generated by network will be validated, collected and routed through an original data acquisition and workflow management engine, parameterizable according to definable procedural flows, mouldable and harmonizable in function of the different Environmental Policies that will determine the measuring chain from time to time instantiated on the field.

On support of the users is moreover hypothesized the experimental research and realization of an environmental DSS (Decision Support System, based also on methodologies typical of the balanced scorecard, in order to allow, in the environmental sector, innovative informative processes on analysis and synthesis, characterized by "balanced" multi-level and multi-dimensional evaluations on the acquired data.

Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Pervasive Technologies