Higher education is an important component of ISMB mission: from contributions to university programs to specializing courses for enterprises and public bodies, ISMB researchers participate in the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, also in cooperation with national and international institutions.

In the educational offer of ISMB it is possible to find:

  • courses with a vertical profile, devoted to a single technological topic;
  • courses with a system-level profile, dealing with several interconnected technological topics;
  • courses with a strategic profile, taking into account complex processes and related aspects of economic and social nature. 

CATALOGUE 2016-2017

The ISMB proposal for a set of courses is aimed at those, in enterprises, public bodies, trade and professional organizations, who are interested in extending their knowledge of the innovation opportunities afforded by the ICT. It is organized around three sections:

  • Information and Communication Systems.
  • Economic and Social Transformations.
  • Context and Tools for Innovation.

The proposal gathers the most significant portion of ISMB educational offer and runs parallel to the other courses that the Institute delivers in university and professional environments. The modular structure of the courses allows to easily build up customized versions, both as topics composing the course, and as depth of coverage, so as to meet more accurately the educational needs.

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The courses organized by the Microsoft Innovation Center Torino – ISMB on Microsoft technologies, focused on mobile, embedded, IoT and MS Azure Cloud Computing platform, are aimed at professionals operating in ICT enterprises, startups and students. They supply tools that can be exploited immediately, and as a rule they are delivered in several editions throughout the year.

The courses aimed at the academic world include the courses belonging to the Master on Navigation and Related Applications and the PhD course named Cloud Computing for e-science applications. They combine the theoretical framework peculiar of an academic course with the attention to real-world problems, consistently with the mission of the Institute.

More detailed information on all the features of the educational activities of the Institute may be requested by writing to the email address