News & Events Collection

  • The ACE Area in Brazil for Future Opportunities for Collaboration on Cloud Computing

    1 July 2015
    On the 6th and 7th of July the Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics (ACE) Area will join a business meeting in Blumenau (Brazil), where they will meet the representatives of some Brazilian companies operating in the ICT sector, in order to present ISMB and its research activities in the Cloud computing field, and also to evaluate future opportunities for collaboration.
  • Final Review of the REVERIE Project

    29 June 2015
    From 29th to 30th June 2015 the Final Review of the Real and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Immersive Environments (REVERIE) project will take place at the Queen Mary University of London, involving a delegate of the Microsoft Innovation Center Torino Unit.
  • PowerTech 2015: Innovation Made in ISMB Thanks to New Event-Driven Smart Meters

    26 June 2015
    A researcher of the Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics Research Area will join the PowerTech - that will be held from 29th June to 2nd July 2015 in Eindhoven - to present two contributions on the emerging approach for energy management systems performed in the context of the FINESCE project.
  • First In-Field Validation of FLOODIS Project

    26 June 2015
    From 30 June to 2 July 2015, the first in-field validation of FLOODIS will take place in the Shkoder area (Albania) to test the effectiveness of the flood management and alerting system developed within the project.
  • ISMB Partner of Commons Camp. One Mission: Design a Commons-Based Society

    25 June 2015
    ISMB is a scientific partner of the Commons Camp, held from 29th June to 10th July in Calvanico. The roster of experts invited as lecturers includes the head of Business Model and Policy Innovation Unit, who will give three keynote speeches on business models for a sustainable collaborative economy, transformative forces unleashed by the collaborative paradigm and crowdsourcing as engine of public sector innovation.
  • Almost Ready to Start the OpenGov2015 Summer School, coorganized by the Innovation Development Area

    23 June 2015
    This year, once again, the head of the Innovation Development Area is taking part in the OpenGov2015 Summer School – organized in collaboration with ISMB – where he provides scientific support in the field of innovation management for the public sector. He will also participate in the Samos Summit on ICT-enabled Governance to make 2 keynote speeches on data-driven innovation and business models for open data.
  • The Energy Data ENgagement Project Will Be Presented at the IEEE BigData Congress in New York

    23 June 2015
    A researcher of the Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics Area will take part in the forthcoming IEEE BigData Congress in New York in order to present a paper, realized within the Energy Data ENgagement (EDEN) project. The contribution describes a platform that provides scalable and distributed analytic services for the comparative analysis of buildings energy efficiency, through a Big Data methodology.
  • At the IoT Week 2015 Released the New IERC’s Cluster Book "Building the Hyperconnected Society"

    22 June 2015
    The 6th edition of the IERC Cluster Book "Building the Hyperconnected Society - IoT Research and Innovation Value Chains, Ecosystems and Markets" has been launched during the IoT Week 2015. This publication involves different researchers from ISMB as authors or contributors.
  • Navigation Technologies Researchers at the ICL-GNSS 2015

    22 June 20152015
    Two researchers from the Navigation Technologies Research Area participate in the ICL-GNSS (June 22-24, Gothenburg) in order to present two contributions. The first one illustrates the performance assessment of an ARM-based dual-constellation GNSS software receiver, while the second focuses on the proof-of-concept of the Local Integrity approach realized within the EU-funded GLOVE project.
  • Presented the New H2020 BELS Project at GSA

    18 June 2015
    On June 15 2015, researchers from the Navigation Technologies Area presented the BELS project and its Vietnamese partners at the European GNSS Agency (GSA) in Prague.